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"You took care of your horse, and your horse took care of you."

- Elton Gallegly

Bit & Bridle Fit Consultations

Having trouble with the bit or bridle you are using on your horse? Have a hard to fit horse? Questions? Want to be sure you are using equipment that is most effective and humane for your equine partner?

I offer private bit & bridle fit consultation services in the greater Charlotte, NC area (and beyond). Any/all disciplines welcome!

Consultation Options

Preferred Service

Private Bit & Bridle Fit Consultation

Reduced Service

Private Bit & Bridle Fit Assessment

Alternate Service

Virtual Bit & Bridle Fit Assessment

The best possible service I can provide you is performing a full consultation in-person. This is a 1.5-2 hour service that involves an initial assessment of your horse before tacking up, a tacked and ridden assessment, and a ridden trial assessment. After adjustments and recommendations are made, you and your horse can "try" the recommended bit(s) and bridle(s) that I have on hand.

In the instance where time, finances, or circumstance do not allow for you to select the full consultation, this "assessment" or "partial consultation" is an option. This will be an in-person consultation that will take approximately 1 hour and excludes the ridden assessment / trial assessment. Read the "what to expect" section for more information.

Due to a significant demand in the United States for bit & bridle fitting services, and so few certified consultants, there is a reasonable need for virtual consulting services. While this can be quite challenging without seeing the horse in-person, I will strive to provide you with my best feedback/guidance/recommendations. I will request several photos and videos prior to the scheduled appointment and will discuss with you over the phone. Read the "what to expect" section for more information.

Why have your bit and bridle fit evaluated?

No rider or trainer is expected (or should be expected) to know everything. Bitting and bridle fit is a much more complex science than one would expect, and the majority of riders and trainers do not posses the knowledge to make recommendations on tack to be used on our equine partners. Just as you would have a professional saddle fitter evaluate, adjust, and make recommendations regarding your saddle, having a professional bit and bridle fitter do the same for your bit and bridle is equally important to meet performance, communication, and welfare goals you have with your horse.


Some symptoms of improper bit and bridle fit are as follows:

- Tongue over bit

- Head tossing / shaking

- Leaning / pulling / snatching

- Open mouth

- Tongue lolling

- Constant chomping/chewing or "busy mouthed"

- Need for restrictive noseband

- Over-salivation

-Dry mouth

- Head tilting

- Tension in jaw or neck

- Inversion or "above bit"

- Hyperflexion / Rollkur or "behind the bit"

- Straightness issues

- Pain behaviors such as pinned ears / tail swishing / spooking / rearing / bucking / bolting

Because I am an independent consultant, I have a wide variety of bit types, brands, materials, and sizes available to try. From my knowledge and experience I can say with utmost confidence that there is no one brand (or even two brands) that I could exclusively use to properly fit every horse. Every horse is completely unique and must be evaluated with only their best interest in mind. I am not trying to sell you products - just here to share knowledge and provide professional advice. This way you can be assured you are receiving the best un-biased service.

"It is what you learn after you know it all that's important."

- Jimmy Williams


Our Services

Mission & Qualification

My mission is to share knowledge on bit and bridle fit, application, and adaptation. By treating the horse as my client, I am able to provide riders, owners, and trainers with the best recommendations to improve horse welfare and performance. 

Certified Advanced Bit & Bridle Fit Consultant

I am a LANTRA accredited and HBFA certified Advanced Bit & Bridle Fit Consultant. This is one of the few advanced certifications that is not affiliated with a bit or bridle manufacturer. This included a two semester course that took place over the span of 9 months, in addition to several months of dedicated independent study and research. 

I specifically did not want to be associated with a manufacturer, as their goal is sales, not un-biased education and application for horse and rider. I can confidently say there is no one brand that supplies products that would suit all horses. Therefore, why become a brand rep?

I have put in countless hours of coursework, research, and case studies before receiving my certification. This is a very complex and developing science, and I strive to learn more every day. 

"Lisa did an amazing job identifying a part of my bridle that was putting pressure on my horse potentially causing pain. Not only did she discover the source of the issue but was able to do the necessary repairs herself, saving me the cost of buying new. I was so happy with her services I ordered a show bridle which she custom fit to my horse. Cannot say enough good things about her services and expertise!"

Eliana J.
USHJA Competitor
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