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Custom Leather Goods

Bespoke leather goods hand made to order in

USA, using traditional methods.

Custom order ideas welcome! Send me an email with your ideas and inquiries.


Bit & Bridle Fitting

Having trouble with the bit or bridle you are using on your horse? Have questions? Want to be sure you are using equipment that is most effective and humane for your equine partner?

I offer private bit & bridle fit consultation services in the greater Charlotte, NC area (and beyond). Any/all disciplines welcome.


Helpful information for equestrians - Blogs on horse tack purpose/function/use/care

Want to learn more about bit and bridle fitting? Curious how certain tack is intended for use? Questions about some discipline-specific tack rules/use/fit?

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Photo courtesy of Cassidy Bock - Copyright 2022 Cassidy Brooke Photography , for Free Ride Equestrian

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