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Cowboy and Wild Horses

Virtual Bit & Bridle Fit Assessment

What to Expect

Upon scheduling a virtual consultation, I will send you a detailed list of information that I will need at least 48 hours prior to the appointment. This to include information about your horse, the current issues you are facing that may be related to tack fit, and a series of photos and videos for review (a summarized list is provided below). I will review all of this prior to the appointment and will come prepared with questions, feedback, and recommendations to discuss with you. The appointment can be done via phone call or FaceTime, and you can choose to be with your horse during the consultation or elsewhere. A quiet area where you can focus on the discussion is recommended. 

Based on the concerns I have regarding your current tack setup, I will recommend making some adjustments to your current bridle to make your horse more comfortable. I may even recommend bridle repairs or replacements. I will also recommend a few bits to try on your own. I will always explain the purpose and reasoning behind each recommendation and answer any questions you may have.

At the end of the consultation, I will pause to record my notes and recommendations which you will receive in a written report within 24 hours after the appointment.

Once you have made these recommended changes on your own time, a follow-up appointment may be needed. We can discuss next steps during your initial consultation. 

Note: I understand the many factors that may prevent you benefitting from a full consultation in-person, and I commit to providing you with as much feedback, advice, and recommendations as I possibly can out of this session. I am happy to answer any questions you may have, and since I cannot be there to provide bits for you to try, I will send details of the bits/bridles I recommend and even links to online sources where you can purchase new or used.

Pre-Consult Requirements


  • Horse name, age, breed, gender

  • Brief dental history

  • Brief health history

  • Current fitness & training level

  • If competing - what discipline/level and what organization rules must you follow (i.e. USDF, USHJA, USDA, FEI Combined Driving, etc.)

  • Detailed concerns regarding potential bit/bridle issue

  • Current bit and bridle size/type (may ask for measurements)


  • (Instructions to be provided after booking)


  • (Instructions to be provided after booking)

Note - this is a brief list to give you an idea of what information and photos/videos will be required prior to your appointment. Detailed instructions with examples will be sent to you soon after you book your appointment online.

Still have questions? Send me an email, fill out the contact form below, or head on over to the FAQ page. 

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