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  • Do you loan bits for trials?
    During a full consultation, I will provide bits for you to try (should I have the recommended bits on-hand) during the appointment. There are only a few instances where horse/rider may take longer than a 10-20 minute period to adjust to a new bit or bridle - most will feel/see the difference right away, and an extended trial period will not be necessary. I am not currently set up with my inventory to support a trial outside of the consultation, but I can help you find a retailer nearby or online that may allow trials.
  • Can you ride my horse to feel the difference between bits?
    No. Due to insurance and personal safety reasons, I will not ride (or drive) your horse during a consultation. If you would like for another individual or trainer to ride your horse for you during the consultation, that is fine. You will be responsible for ensuring that they are present, willing, and capable to do this for you.
  • Can I buy bits or bridles from you?
    Because I am an independent consultant, all of my inventory was purchased myself and I keep for trials. There are very few bits I have that are "duplicates" or that I would be willing to part with. However, I will keep detailed notes during the appointment and will send them to you after the consultation. This will include my recommendations for new bits/bridles, and I will help you find where you can purchase these yourself online or in-store.
  • Can you see multiple horses in one appointment?
    Each one of my offered services is for one horse, but multiple horses can be added on to an existing booking if time allows. Note that a full consultation can take as long as 2 hours, so my own schedule limitations (or yours) may be a factor. If others at your facility want to add on, I can do a day trip and the travel costs can be divided among clients. This will need to be booked well in advance so that my entire day can be blocked.
  • Can you help me with my miniature horse?
    Yes! I can provide the same services for miniature horses (and even donkeys!). If this is a cart horse, I can perform the same services but with the full consultation, I will assess the horse being driven instead of ridden. Note that I have very few bits smaller than 4.5" and therefore may not have bits available for you to try. However, I will still make bridle adjustments and provide bit recommendations.
  • Do I need to have someone with me to help during the consultation? Will you bring help?
    Short answer is no. However, if you feel that you need some assistance handling or riding your horse during the consultation, I do recommend having someone you trust to help you. It is rare if I bring an assistant with me (usually either a trainee or close friend to help take photos and video), but if I do, they are a savvy equestrian that can help if needed. If you have any concerns about this, reach out to me before the appointment.
  • Can I schedule a consultation if my horse is unable to be ridden?
    Yes! If your horse is unable to be ridden (fitness/lameness/unbroke/no available rider/etc.) for the consultation, please select the "Bit/Bridle Fit Assessment" service instead of the full consultation service if this is the case. This service excludes the ridden assessment and trial assessment. If this is a cart horse, I can perform the same services for the full consultation but I will assess the horse being driven instead of ridden.
  • Do you host clinics?
    I am not currently set up to host clinics (limited visual materials), but I would be happy to host a less formal informational session / Q&A at your facility if you wish - please contact me with your inquiry/proposal. I am always happy to share knowledge on bit/bridle fit and function!
  • How can I contact you?
    I can be emailed at any time at I can be reached by phone (call or text) at 704-303-3848 during my available hours. There is also a contact form at the bottom of the home page on this website that you may fill out, as well as quote forms on the products pages.
  • What are your hours?
    I work a full-time job outside of this small business, which means I am typically unavailable between 7:30am-4:30pm on weekdays. If I am not at the farm with my horses, I am typically available 5pm-9pm on weekdays and 9am-9pm on weekends.
  • How do I place an order?
    Until my site is fully functional to direct order, you can go to my Etsy site to purchase popular items, fill out the Custom Order Request on my site, or reach out to me directly for an inquiry. I do not stock any products, as all of my items are hand made to order.
  • Can you do repairs?
    Yes, although I may be limited on types of repairs due to the equipment I have in my shop, availability, or experience with the particular repair. Repairs are drop-off or ship-in only and lead time varies. Examples of repair items I typically do: - Reins - Bridles - Halters - Dog collars - Minor repairs to riding boots Examples of repairs I cannot do at this time: - Saddles - Zipper replacements
  • What is your turnaround for repair work?
    This all depends on my current schedule and workload, as well as how intense the repair is and if I need to order materials. For bridle cheekpiece shortening, for example, should only take me one evening's worth of work but may need more time if I am in the middle of another repair. For billet replacements, I typically request 1-2 weeks time to work on this because it takes me multiple days as it is very hard on my hands.
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