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Gray Horse Leatherworks LLC was founded in January 2022 by one horse-crazed animal-loving leather craftswoman. Originally performing custom leather goods, has since expanded to include repair services and bit & bridle fitting consultations for equestrians.

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About GHL

Bespoke leather goods for horse, hound, and human

In 2019, when one of my horses was diagnosed with a suspensory injury, my partner had encouraged me to take up another hobby during this time to help me take my mind off of the stress of rehabbing my horse when I wasn't at the barn. Being an amateur blacksmith, he encouraged me to try leather craft, as I could make ornate sheaths for his hand-forged knives. The sweet, supportive man that he is, bought me a comprehensive set of tools, made me a custom work bench, and sent me on my way to learn and create. Bless him, I don't think he ever imagined this would turn into a small business that would take up all my free time, not leaving much for knife sheath making! 

I spent all my free time learning about the craft - taking lessons, watching videos, and practicing on my own (when not at the barn or working my full time job... what is free time anyway??). I became proficient enough to make collars, belts, halters, accessories, and perform repairs. Once my friends discovered my skills, I was all too easily convinced to sell my work to help pay for vet bills. The rest is history!

The name "Gray Horse Leatherworks" came about easily, as I definitely have a type, gray horses! I have owned horses since I was 10 years old, and every single one of them has been gray! 


Photo courtesy of Impulsion Media - Copyright 2022 Haley Boothe Photography

Bit & Bridle Fitting Journey

Learning methods and techniques from Master Saddlers and Master Bridle Makers, I became more and more interested in the fit and function of tack. With the end goal of becoming a Master Bridle Maker, I started on this long journey by becoming a certified Bit and Bridle Fitter. Consultations are a service I happily offer to riders of all disciplines. 


Photos courtesy of Impulsion Media - Copyright 2023 Haley Boothe Photography


Photo courtesy of Cassidy Bock - Copyright 2022 Cassidy Brooke Photography

About Lisa

Owner & Operator of Gray Horse Leatherworks LLC

Lisa is an amateur equestrian who has been completely horse-obsessed since she first laid eyes on one. She has been riding and showing horses regularly since 1998.

Lisa currently owns two horses - the first a senior Arabian mare named Whisper who she has owned since childhood and is now living a quiet semi-retired life as a children's lesson pony in Waxhaw, NC. Lisa's second horse is a young ISH mare named Lexi. Lisa and Lexi compete in lower-level Show Jumping and live in Mint Hill, North Carolina. They can be spotted at horse shows at Carolina Horse Park and Tryon (TIEC). 

Lisa lives in Mint Hill, NC with her partner, Mike, and two dogs - a black lab named Charlie and a lab mix named Lucy (aka "Goose"). Her animals are her children - and just so happen to be fabulous product models!

Lisa works a full-time job as a Project Manager in the energy industry, with a degree in Chemical Engineering. Her engineering mind combined with her lifelong passion for horses and extensive education relating to equine tack use, construction, fit, & care makes her a great resource for local equestrians.

Lisa is the only LANTRA certified Bit & Bridle Fit Consultant within the state of North Carolina and has put in countless hours of coursework, research, and case study experience - and continues to educate herself. She is proud to be one of the very few certified independent bit & bridle fitters in the country, whose goal is to focus on the horse as the client and comes to each consultation un-biased without sales quotas as her motivator. 

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