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Local Repair Services

While I have developed repair skills over the years (mostly on horse tack) I do not have the expertise or equipment/tools to perform all leather repairs. I specialize in re-stitching primarily, a few examples are shown below. Send me your inquiries and I would be happy to assess and provide an estimate. 

Craft Materials

Horse Bridle Modifications

As a part of my bit & bridle fitting services, I often recommend replacements / repairs / modifications to your current bridle. Most of these recommendations I can perform myself and am happy to do so. This can help you avoid the cost of buying new, in many instances. Shortening cheek pieces and nosebands are my most frequently performed services. 

Belt Repair / Shortening / Lengthening

Have a favorite leather belt that is broken, or is now too short or too long? I can help!

English Saddle Billet Replacements

Billets are what are found under your saddle flap that connect the girth to the saddle. They are a very important feature of the saddle that take on a great deal of strain throughout their life, which is much shorter than many would think. This is the most frequently broken piece of your tack and it can have the most devastating effects. Once you notice the holes on your billets are stretched or uneven, it is time to replace them to avoid a potentially catastrophic safety issue. 


I can repair billets on english saddles as long as it does not require the panel to be removed. I am not a trained saddler, so I can assist you only with billets which can be replaced without altering the saddle. 

Deep Clean

Have an antique piece that needs some life brought back to it? A nice saddle or bridle that is covered in mold? I offer deep-clean services which I often offer as a small fee on top of repair services as well, like billet replacements. I have specialized leather mold remover, cleaner, oil, conditioner, and weatherproofing solutions that can help revive your old tack. 

Horse Halter Repairs

Leather halters are great for safety reasons as they will break under stress in emergency conditions - however they often break in a place that isn't easy to replace. If you want to repair your broken halter to reduce waste and expense, I am happy to help. Know that with all repairs, you cannot expect it to look as good as new. But you can get more life out of your leather tack - no need to throw away!

Tall Boot & Half Chap Repairs

My most commonly asked repair question is - can you do zipper replacements? Unfortunately, at this time, no... but I can reinforce zippers, get them back on track and tighten, and I can do some patch work and re-stitching on the calves of field boots and half chaps. 

Blanket Repairs

While my machine cannot accommodate some blanket repair jobs, I can assist with some! Tears at straps and lining are my most common blanket repair jobs.

Misc. Repairs

Reins, martingales, girths, even if not leather - I may be able to help! Reach out with an inquiry and I can let you know what my capability, cost estimate, and lead time is.

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