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For the Horse

Photo courtesy of Haley Boothe-Zajac - Copyright 2023 Impulsion Media


Horse halters are made to measure and are crafted with thick vegetable tanned leather and fine lambskin-wrapped padding (many color options available!). Choose your leather width (5/8" - 1"), leather / padding / stitching colors, and hardware type (stainless steel or solid brass). Fancy stitching, foil embossing, and name plates can be added as well.

Grooming Halters

A reduced version of a standard halter - does not have a throatlatch or backstay. Popular for grooming and leading well-behaved horses and ponies. 

Leather Leads

A classical alternative to a chain lead rope. Various sizes/lengths/metal types for the chain available. 24" brass chain most common. Typical leather leads are 1" wide and 6' long (not including chain). Custom lengths and widths available. Foil embossing and name plates can be added for a personalized touch.

Misc. Custom Tack

Custom orders are my favorite! Here are a few examples of custom pieces I have done for clients over the years:

Neck Straps

Also called "grab straps" or "oh crap straps" - this is a single leather strap that goes around your horse's neck and can be used as a training aid or safety aid while riding. Very popular among eventers. Available in plain single leather or lambskin padded options for a splash of color. Can hand-dye various shades of brown to match your tack. Made to measure, with personalized foil embossing available. A matching saddle attachment can be added as well to keep this secure while riding.

Bucking Straps

Also called an "oh sh** handle", this is an attachment for the pommel of an english saddle that serves a similar purpose to a neck strap, but is more popular among dressage riders as this can help steady the rein aids for a green horse or amateur rider. Available in plain or lambskin padded options. Can hand-dye various shades of brown to match your tack. Made to measure, with personalized foil embossing available.

Hackamore Nosebands

Padded leather hackamore noseband and back strap made to measure to your horse. Multiple variations and shapes available. Stainless steel shanks can be supplied as well (several variations available). Many color options to choose from!

I can make jowl straps to convert your regular bridle into a hackamore-friendly bridle as well (recommended).


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